Update: school.
Physics is as refreshing as it always was?
I cried ever-so-slightly when I was introduced to the Japanese… um, alphabets. SSS. ssssss.
A bank gave me a free ice lolly.
Internet and blogging get replaced by LEARNING and talking with PEOPLE FROM CLASS??
In tumblr news: I have no idea who most of my followers are anymore because everyone keeps changing names


some of my least favourite word pairs in the english language   now featuring   Read Ahead   worst   no time for creativity have to study   double worst   wurst is better   complains loudly at 5AM   me   edumacation  

Loading screen contest entry for iRockRO


Loading screen contest entry for iRockRO

jess   favourite   fekkin heat seaking autumn leaves   revenge   soon   matron RE   i didn't want to start filling those tags for you two but   here i am   BUT YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO CLOSE OUR SERVER   ragnarok online  


The three different kinds of exam takers.

#in which i am harry

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submission by attack-on-spoon

bursts out laughing   just when i thought i couldn't love these idiots more   this blog   matron RE   seriously look at this blog   so many chans so little time   crackles   free!   i swear i don't have a problem  


watched free! and like 6 eps of attack on titan…
noping forever okay see when i finish crying over them

aka flood my que with them ;v;

I await your tears.
(and my laughter)

matron RE   AHAHAHA YOU'LL HAVE ALL YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS AND LOVED ONES CRUSHED   LITERALLY   don't read the manga   seriously   don't   do   gradually introduces fandoms into friend's biosystem   like slow steady poison   made of figments of imagination  
bursts out laughing   makoto i will make you real   free!  


nintendo 2DS announced

are you   ...   you are   well   okay   y u no work on screenshot function for 3ds   vidya games  

Two giant pics I drew for the private server I’m on. It feels weird to colour things again.

ragnarok online   yes i can be very productive while i'm gaming   my stuff   fun times with   matron RE   jess  

For the record, I blame you 


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congrats you mammalian fiend ur on my follow forever list (this has been up for ages and if this is the first time you’re seeing this i may cut off your ears to make a fashionable lady purse)

"para siempre", rex? que lindo.
wait what did you say “mean” “faux pas” “FLUFFY”??! just WHAT fluffy faux pas could I possibly commit besides the disregarding social niceties and avoiding pop culture and undertaking sudden long periods of moody disappearance

i've seen this many times before actually   i'm still recovering from the shock of being on that list   though i should be proud of ruining 90% of your life   good job me   rexbutt   maniacal laughter   the meanness keeps the cuddle monsters at bay   it's like a moat   but 38.7% more effective   if you try to shank my ear for fashion   i swear   submission